Whisper in the wind

About Freeda Saba

Born in Iran, Freed Saba developed her love for art and poetry in an art-loving family at her early childhood. At the age of 10 often, she was familiar with most of performing arts including ballet dance, oil painting and acting.

She was 18 when she found her real love for poetry and started to express her feelings on the paper.

Her educational background includes a Master degree in Television
productions from I.U., a B.A in journalism ,and a high school diploma in mathematics .

At present, she is working towards her Judicial Doctorate degree at UWLA. Her previous work experience
includes divers fields from, Film Production to academic work of teaching TV production courses in colleges as well as serving in the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

In 1990 she moved to Los Angeles and since then she has been the Director/Writer of a popular weekly cultural /commentary TV program, broadcasted in Persian language on KSCI, channel 18 •

As a freelance Columnist, her articles and Poetry have been published in several Persian Periodicals of USA and Europe.

Her poetry is full of transparent images and unique expressions with a fluent and simple language, favored by the younger readers of the new Iranian generation and as ” Nader- Naderpour” , the great poet of  lran describes her work;”: ••• Freeda Saba in her poetic life,
creates and draws paintings with her ” brush of words” •
In the ” color- box “of her words ,a vast spectrum of” color words”
can be seen on the “canvas of paper”, sometimes in
harmony and sometimes in contrast, but always simple and fresh” …

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